Friday, 24 June 2016

MFD - Full Volume 1988

All right, one more great record from the States by M.F.D. and this is their second one on DSI Records and the album title says all: exceptional perfect punk smasher as I like it, short & dirty and perfect recordings. Because today is a football break and I have nothing better to do so I dedicate myself again to music. Here you get eleven stories of the very finest, I think, I bought the vinyl here on a record fair in Exzess for an acceptable price (I also have three singles and one I re-upp for you, the All Of This EP). Only manko, with twenty-four minutes playing time much too short. Who cares? Get this damn cool record or be a brussels sprouts.


  1. Good evening my friend, Thanks for this new rare vinyl.I'm watching Portugal-Croatia just now (0-0 half-time) If Spain wins after Croatian's disaster, Germany's waiting for us, I guess haha (I don't think Spain was able to to win Italy, Germany and France to pass through semifinal,,,haha)Good luck to Germany (but not the day versus Spain, if it happens...of course jaja)Well, have a nice weekend my wild friend.

  2. yeah Lord, the match was quite lame but portugal in the end with a lucky punch...sadly. I guess Spain beats Italy and we wait for you ;)) and then Spain can pack their suitcases...hehe... we see...enjoy the sunday mate!