Sunday, 8 May 2016

V/A - Blackbox Compilation 1992

BlackBox was a short-lived German label in Waltrop which released a few 7Inches an the beginning of the 90s. Don't know how many copies are pressed, I think 1000 maybe. After the quick sold out of the records comes finally this piece of silver with all label bands out. Focus here is clearly melodic punkrock. Pleasant stuff.

1.Jungle Jam (Live) - BIG CHIEF
2.Evergreen Memorial Drive - NOVA MOB
3.Sky Flying By - SAMIAM
4.Fearless - SPOON
5.Wo Steht Die Uhr? - EA80
6.Gotta Go - HERETICS
7.Auf Wiedersehn - BOXHAMSTERS
9.With Me - BONE CLUB
10.What Is Comfort... - THUD!
11.Psycho - THE NOZEMS
12.Way 2 B - MAXIMUM BOB
13.Secret Agent S.K.I.N. - SPEED NIGGS
14.Big Shot (Live) - BIG DRILL CAR
15.Stole Yer Love (Live) - DOUGHBOYS
16.Dreaming - LEATHERFACE
17.Straight On - HERETICS
18.Time Of Day - BONE CLUB
19.If I Die... - THUD!


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