Friday, 15 April 2016

P.F. COMMANDO - Manipulerade Mongon 1979

P.F. Commando was a punk band from Gävle/Sweden and was created by Sonny Jansson and Janne Ricknell. They were one of the first swedish punkbands that recorded an album. First record came in 1978 with the first single Svenne Pop on Comm Records. The group's first gig was at a marathon gala. Manipulerade Mongon is their debut album and came out 1979 and is a fuckin' cool amazing punk record. Their lyrics where snappish gracious and they got massive critic about it and divided the listeners as well, due to the "lack of competence" in that field. They got a contract with Pang Records but the cooperation was a total failure. The label wanted to give them already written lyrics (songs like 'Slavelady In Rubber Clothes' and 'To Come In Eva's Butt') and also a suggestion for an album cover where they wanted the bandmembers to pee on each other and play around with Dog poo. So the band quit quickly. P.F. Commando also inspired swedish artist DiLeva to play music. In 1982 the group split up.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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