Thursday, 14 April 2016

L.S.K. - Momente 12'' 2000

This 12'' is the last release and I think their best one. LSK means Bombshelter and sounded their first tunes rough and tough increased strongly the band with each plate. Too bad that this band no longer exists but they carry on as Die Angst. Their influence were certainly EA80 from Mönchengladbach and they do it very fine. No cheap copy!!! They play dark punk and make this splendid. Founded in the mid of the 90's near Berlin L.S.K. released their first Longplayer in 1997 which is a pretty gloomy sort album with excellent songs and its a mandatory album for everyone who likes EA80, Serene Fall, Fliehende Stürme, etc.. - Get their debut if you doubt. Also live the band have been mercilessly me swept away and a subsequent table football game was crazy fun, sympathetic guys. As a small bonus I added a live cut from the Festival in Mannheim which was in 2000. Brilliant stuff.


  1. That's very good!
    Do you have other stuff released by them?

  2. kannst du vielleicht mal die "rückkehr zum ort des geschehens" hochladen? bitte!