Sunday, 6 March 2016

V/A - Rock Rally 1980

Don't know if this record comes out as a result of a song contest but it seems almost to be. There's a lot of letters on the back cover in French so I'm not sure but I think these tell the story about this record. Released via Lark Records and full with twelve rare goodies and I know only two of them, Red Zebra and Revenge 88. Musically is all what I call underground music right there and I particularly like the cover which was made by Joost Swarte, a dutch cartoonist and graphic designer. Pull up the tunes in and a have sunny Sunday.

2.Don't Wait - THE SINGLES
3.Postcard Babies - THE SWEETIES
4.Kontrole - DE BRASSERS
5.Get Up For The Ladies - PRIVY
6.Hollow Sounds - TOULOUSE LECTRIC
7.Let's Do The Razzia - DER POLIZEI
8.Into The Future - REVENGE 88
9.Crimes Of Passion - RED ZEBRA
10.Billy Loser - WEEKEND
11.Fake - THE STAT-X
12.Through The Ceiling - THE EMPLOYEES



  1. Here you can find some info on Humo's Rock Rally:'s_Rock_Rally