Wednesday, 2 March 2016

V/A - Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit 1982

This compilation from the Netherlands features seven bands, the hottest in my opinion are the Outlaws, Nitwitz and Amsterdamned. Runs the gamut from '77 punk to full-tilt thrash. Recorded between April 5th and April 8th, 1982 @ Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Schellingwoude, six hours per band. Released by the legendary label Vögelspin Records, a garant for pretty cool punkrock. In 1983 the label released Volume 2 which is also a classic one. - Pick this up you Fuckers! -

1.Ballroom Dancing - AMSTERDAMNED
2.Blind & Doof - PISTACHE B.V.
3.Artificial Smile - THE NITWITZ
4.Dummy - OUTLAWZ
5.Desert - RAKKETAX
6.Deo Volente - FRITES MODERN
7.Menace - A4
8.Vacuum - RAKKETAX
9.Traditie Amme Balle - AMSTERDAMNED
10.Philips - PISTACHE B.V.
11.General - OUTLAWZ
12.Ammunition - A4
13.Television Games - RAKKETAX
14.Genocide - THE NITWITZ
15.Chocomel - OUTLAWZ
17.Formulier - FRITES MODERN
19.Security Service - THE NITWITZ
20.Blind - A4
21.Ayatollah - AMSTERDAMNED

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