Sunday, 27 March 2016

BUTCHER - On The Ground 7'' 1982 + Stand & Fight 7'' 1983

First I wish two relaxing Easterdays and here is the weather once again extremely shit, gray, cold and rainy. That gives me time to post here in this theater, with a few beer, two small English nuggets. Frankly, I don't know this band so far although I can say that I am a UK punk beau and have heard quite a bit, but sometimes there is a rare piece that emerge from any hole and delight me: Butcher for example. Founded in Bournemouth/Dorset in the early eighties by Sid (Vox), Dave (Guitar), Col (Bass) and Rob (Drums) and they released in their short existance two 7Inches on Inept Products, a split with Riot Squad (1983) and two tapes, further represented on some compilations (worth mentioning

here the A Kick Up The Arse (1985), 77 Records Présente, Religious As Hell (1986) and Killed By Death # 1234 (2000) records). Musically I find they are not attributable to the typical UK sound ala Discharge or UK SUBS, no! - Butcher shine with perfect driving mid-tempo punkrock. On The Ground is for my taste a bit rougher as the Stand And Fight but with 'Killing Groups' they have a real catchy earwig recorded with excellent drums. Possible that the sound difference is due to the production but that I can't grasp. Well, scheißegal, both records are very good, four cool songs that cheer me up and I'm sure you as well. I think the band broke up in the late eighties or so and singer Sid is apparently sadly passed sometime, maybe you know more. A lot of text which is unusually for me.... enjoy!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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