Monday, 22 February 2016

ZYNTHSLAKT & THE PAST - 7 Låtars EP 1983

This rare split EP has to bands from Köping on it and their sound is clearly at home in catchy dirty fast punkrock.

Zynthslakt (Swedish for synth slaughter) was a band that started around 1982. Mikael Thörngren, who played drums, was impressed by the energy of bands like the Clash and the U.K.Subs. Together with Per Granberg's twin brother John (guitar in Charta 77) Zynthslakt were born. Because it was expensive to make records, explored other bands to share the cost with. Result was the split single with N.O.S. The band released another split EP called 7 Låtars with with The Past. They played a lot outside Norrköping, Mikael remember once in Västerås they liked the band that just played on stage was so bad that they took over the instruments. But it did not get better because everyone was a little too round underfoot. In Kolsva they would play along with Kent Impotent. No one knows exactly what happened, but Zynthslakt never played. According to "Goofy" was the band members had to go home to Köping the evening. The album 'Spraya På En Vägg' came out 1984 on Rosa Honung Records. That same year the band folded. A posthumous EP 'Hit Med Stålarna' saw the light of the day in 1986 containing all the Zynthslakt tracks from the split singles. The track 'En Stad, En Bomb' was contributed to the 1983 cassette compilation 'Bara En Dröm'. 1993 Rosa Honung released another sampler containing the songs 'Religion Blood' and 'Land Of War'. The fact that some members were in the army, disbanded around 84-85. Then started the band J. Hex and the Scarecrows, which did not have much in common with Zynthslakt and its punk.

The Past started by the turn of the year 80-81 and consists of on Roger Andersson (drums), Pelle Hedblom (bass) and Linus Linder (guitars). Everybody was singing just to not hear who sung most false. Later Linus got to take over most of the singings. They started to play covers jut to learn how to play. Because no one in the band know how to take one single chord in the beginning. As fast as they got ready they started to write own songs with influences from bands like S.L.F., Sham 69, Sex Pistols a.o. 1983 they recorded their first record which was splitted with Zynthslakt, also a band from Köping. It was a 7-song EP sold in 1000 copies. Then they struggled on to get money to record a 7” which was supposed to be released on Birdskit, but the sound was damn bad so it was never released, but Birdskit sponsered them to record a MLP “In The Future With The Past” 1987, the single got to be included as a bonus with the first outgoings. Then they contibuted on “Swedish Stand” a compilation from the Indie labels in 1990. The Past still exists...

Great stuff from both which makes you hungry for more. ENJOY!!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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