Thursday, 18 February 2016

V/A - Raw Deal! 1977

Still in a good mood this morning I continue with this cute black round nice one early UK punk stuff on Raw Records: "Twelve "Punk" tracks pressed from the Raw Tapes recorded in the last year. All bar one previously unissued. Recorded at Spaceward Studios, except track A4 recorded live. Produced for "Wall of Noise" Productions. Dedicated to all small labels, who are in it for the fun and glory, not just for the money." Fantastic kbd sounds without failure, twelve songs in twenty-eight minutes. Punk77 says: "Barring the first Roxy live album this compilation just reeks of Punk rock snottiness, teen angst dreams and burning bright bands caught in an explosion of rawness and innocence before the business and new trends changed or killed them off. No band here made more than 2 singles; in fact only two of them even made singles!...."
A Must Have!!!

1.I'm In Love With Today - THE USERS
2.I Don't Need You - ACME SEWAGE CO.
3.Millionaire - THE G.T.'S
4.Louie, Louie - THE BLOODCLOTS
5.Bondage Boy - SICK THINGS
6.Soul Train - PSYCHO'S
7.Kids On The Street - SICK THINGS
9.Young British & White - PSYCHO'S
10.I Can See You - ACME SEWAGE CO.
11.Move On - THE G.T.'S
12.Get Ready - ZHAIN

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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  1. Classic UK Punk Thanx For Sharing!