Wednesday, 3 February 2016

V/A - Oi! The Rarities Vol.3 1995

End of the 90s has Captain Oi! brought a lot of very good reissues out and part of it was this small serie called Oi!-The Rarities on five records. We can find there mega rare songs, of course, of mega rare 7inches which were pressed in small numbers and nowadays traded to horror prices. So even people like you and me with little money in our pockets can come to benefit this classics, so that's why such compilations will created....and that's good! And if then a nice litte insert with all information about the records with it laughs the collector's heart. Meanwhile it is difficult to catch up a vinyl version of these tuneful recordings (I myself have only this volume) but at any well-stocked record fair they should be found, so keep your eyes and ears as well.

1.Addicted To Love - THE GUTTERSNIPES
2.Football Violence - SKIN DEEP
3.Boots Go Marching In - CONDEMNED 84
4.Blind Ambition - THE PARTISANS
5.Hippie Punks - CROWBAR
6.Mull Of Kintyre - THE OPTIMISTS
7.Vendetta - THE SAMPLES
9.Loves Young Dream - THE GUTTERSNIPES
10.Boots On His Feet - SKIN DEEP
11.Come Clean - THE PARTISANS
12.White Riot - CROWBAR
13.The Plumbers Song - THE OPTIMISTS
14.Computer Future - THE SAMPLES
15.Class Of 84 - INTENSIVE CARE
16.Count The Dead - SKIN DEEP
17.We Will Never Die - CONDEMNED 84
19.Rabies - THE SAMPLES
20.Organised Crime - INTENSIVE CARE

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