Saturday, 13 February 2016

TAGMEMICS - Chimneys EP 1980

After the Art Attacks ended the members of this London group recorded their one and only EP as Tagmemics on LAX Records in 1980 and played one gig supporting The Monochrome Set in 1979 before finally calling it a day. Extreme shortlived but this vinyl kicks in every way. Fresh wave tinged punk rock in finest manner. Started with a long number which sounds at first a little poppy but with the 2nd hearin' I'm in the song...Fuck! - The second number is a brilliant killer, short and powerful with lots of Uuhhhhhs you know....the last track 'Take Your Brain Out For A Walk' is the winner here, perfect played, brilliant lyrics and simply fantastic. What more should I'm sayin' about this record?? Start the download immediately and relax with these three goodies!

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