Thursday, 11 February 2016

RONNIE URINI - Child Of Sunrise-Creature Of The Moon 7'' 1985

Ronnie Urini is an Austrian musician, composer and song writer. His first band, Vogue where he was the drummer, took the Sixties revival and Britpop in Austria in advance. Since 1978 he plays in a lot of alternative and underground bands (including Kleenex Aktiv, Willi Warma, Ronnie Urini & the Last Poets, Ronnie Urini & Venus). He interprets his own songs again and again re-used in popular English-language hits like "Summer Wine". His performances are often wild and known that it entered into direct contact with the audience, to supplies them with heated word duels. Ronnie Urini is one of the exceptional characters of the Austrian alternative & punk scene, and his records are nowadays often much sought and highly expensive. Here are two songs, one in german the other in english, which moved more into rock or what we called today alternativ with a little touch of gothic atmosphere (especially the b-side is a lovely ballad). I add the 'Sail Ship' and 'Black Light, Black Cities' 7inches with in. All quite charmin' & nice.

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