Saturday, 27 February 2016


A record which is posted in other blogs but most links are dead and I listen now to this record and thought myself, post it again. It's worth!! And I'm lazy to write some info here so schwupp, here's info from punk77: "What a witty name! (not) Ben Brierley, who was in the Vibrators and The Front for a short time plays all the instruments, and Heathcote Williams provides what can only be described as 'interesting' lyrics on this artifact. Its okayish...a bit overlong... and a bit ...well stupid. Claims to have a different version on each side of the single but I've never worked it out. The lyrics are underneath...What were they on????!!!. Sid Did It/Sid Did It (Radio Version), 1979 Truth Records. One of several Sid songs that came out at the time including The Surgeons and Cash Pussies. Heathcote's poetry seems to feature a lot of sexual violence themes. To sample perhaps the best of his stuff set to music try the awesome 'Why D'ya Do It' on the album Broken English by Marianne Faithfull." Nice one!

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