Sunday, 14 February 2016

CAMBOUIS - J'attends Qu'elle Ait Ses 15 Ans 7'' 1978

The weather is still shit, rain rain rain and seven degrees. Time to sit here and post more rare stuff. Next to come is a good ass kickin' record by this early punk band from the Bretagne and they released their only record with two awesome '77 trashers on Animusic. Cambouis were founded by Marcel (bass), Jérôme (drums), Jean-Luc (guitar), Philippe (guitar) and Albert (vox). Since there was not much goin' on in Brittany at the end of the 70s, the five men decided to form a band and change this. After copious orgies in the practice room they decided to shock the well-behaved citizens and play a few gigs in their home area. Impressed by their performance the band earned a record deal and went into a barn and chose from over 30 songs these two missiles for the 7inch. The single was a worldwide success and brought the band fame and lots of money. Unfortunately so much that they had no desire to publish more. Why too?  Finally, they had safe hands and posterity gave a great work. And if they are not dead they live today at all the beautiful places in the world.

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