Monday, 25 January 2016

V/A - Bring Back The Vinyl 1994

A very good overview about the Sindelfingen/Böblingen (south germany) punk scene gave this little compilation with the wonderful album title. Published in 1994 by Bellaforte Records in bright turquoise vinyl and offers fifteen punk-rock-metal-hardcore songs of bands who were mostly unknown, which made here & there one or two demos and then disappeared again in whole wide punk universum. Pure underground stuff! The song selection here shows a lot of beer & spirits participated in the recordings and with nearly fifty-three minutes (famous for vinyl) and a thirty-two paged booklet inside makes this record absolutely worth buying/hearing. So here is something for everyone. Getting to know!

1.Ok Fred - WIZO
3.Housemyster - HONECKER'S RACHE
4.Plasmatron - DIS:CONFUSION
5.Zu Alt - NO EXCUSE
6.Vous Nous Faites Malade - APOPLEX
7.Falsche Opfer - GUT+BILLIG
8.A Day In A Life (Unplugged) - THE SIFILISTS
9.Ten - 10 PLASTIK
10.Santa Is A Crazy X-Mas Junkie - THE SIMONS
11.Queenbitch - FROM OUTER SPACE
13.What's The Difference? - B.TRUNKEN IM DIENST
14.Evil Night Drive - MOTÖRPUSSY
15.Executionwall - MÄDELS NO MÄDELS

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