Sunday, 10 January 2016

THE DAMNED - Shut It 7'' 1996 & Little Miss Disaster 7'' 2005

So here now two limited singles by the London dark punk band The Damned and both are simply delicious. The Shut It 7'' single was only available in U.S. and was released to promote the Not Of This Earth album, recorded by a new line-up which featured long-term members Dave Vanian and Rat Scabies, and new members Kris Dollimore (Guitar), Allan Lee Shaw (Guitar), and Moose (Bass). Side A has the pure cut while the B-Side is The Krupps Mix, both tunes are awesome, next 7'' is from 2005 and was released via their own Lively Arts label in 2005, it was the band’s first single release since "Shut It" record. The band’s line-up shifted again, with Stu West making his recording debut on bass guitar for the group, having taken over on live dates from Patricia Morrison, who has begun to concentrate on her daughter Emily and managing the band. The song continues the style the band established for their Grave Disorder album, with their unique gothic/punk/psychedelic sound, fast guitars and swirling keyboards topped off with a dramatic vocal. From 11 November 2005, the band began selling copies of the single on their Little Miss Disaster Tour. The sleeve featured Emily Strange as a result of a collaboration between the band and the Emily Strange website. On December 1, the single was made available from the band’s website, with a limited edition of 1000 vinyl copies (with a red splattered vinyl pattern), and on CD. The B-side, a live version of "Anti-Pope", was recorded live at Manchester's Academy on 4. December 2004 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their album Machine Gun Etiquette.

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