Thursday, 21 January 2016

OVERKILL - Hell's Getting Hotter EP 1982

Overkill was formed in late 1980 by drummer Kurt Markham and bassist Ron Cordy. Kurt, the group's main songwriter, was originally the guitarist but moved to drums in an attempt to lure friend Felice LoCoco, a guitarist, to join the group. Overkill recorded for SST Records and Carducci, himself, mixed their album - they were one of the first bands to mix punk and metal, resulting in one excellent EP and a decent LP before they fell apart. "Any band whose singer lights his balls on fire in performance is perhaps not destined to survive long, but Overkill did leave behind one heavy headstone of an album and they kicked any and all ass privileged to witness their spontaneous combustion - an early organic convergence of punk edge and heavy metal ambition." Great Combo.

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