Sunday, 31 January 2016

NAME - Die Name Schallplatte 7'' 1980

Obscure band from Reutlingen with their only release. This 7inch has three different covers and each record was limited to 500 copies. Sure there's absolutly no info about the band in the web so I translate one review I found: "As modest as the simple title and the length of the single: the A-side takes nevertheless still 2:05 minutes but the B-side has to be content with 1:42 minutes. A pity, because what the Reutlinger NAME here offers is best groovy Pogo. Hard pounding bass-drums-guitar basis over the singing and square Synth figures run. The only mangle is that the lyrics are almost incomprehensible. The meaning of the words of the A-side was also closed after four listening completely. Breaking at least the B-side some lines through: "I slept with her, she is having a child of mine ..Where is the period?....where?...Why I have no rubber used, why she's not take the pill?" With regard to the spread of new music in southern Germany, the single from NAME, Rolf (bass, vocals), Klaus (drums), Schilly (guitar, vocals & synth) and George (guitar, vocals) is a true pioneer. This is after all the first record on which the music of the much too sparse punk and New Wave bands in Reutlingen/Tübingen has been scraped into grooves and thus can finally be disseminated. Recorded at Atlantis recording studios in November 1980, the distribution runs over Moderne Musik in Hamburg and the band itself. For all modern people, which now has turned the Mouth watery, this plate is highly recommended." (Source: Punk-Disco). Both songs have this what we called now kbd sound and they're fuckin' awesome. Pflichtdownload!!!

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