Thursday, 28 January 2016

DANGEROUS PYJAMAS - Throwaway Kids EP 1982

Utrecht-based punk band with their only release, but exclusive trax can also be heard on the Onutrechtse Toestanden compilation from Rock Against Records which was recordrd live 1981 at Huis Verzetsfeest. I found this one on my hard drive so it's not my rip but this six song EP is one more fine dutch punk record. The single starts with a leisurely tempo, a little ska-oriented, worth mentioning the use of a saxophone which is always risky and makes me shiver but here excellent interspersed. In general, the songs are very varied and the last two cuts are fast and dirty and make clear: this is punk!, both tracks appear for good reason on the Killed By 7inch #8 EP. Dangerous Pyjamas done everything right and set a really good single in the world. Respect!

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