Sunday, 17 January 2016

CALIGULAS BARN - Askungen EP 1981

And further with awesome old rare stuff from the early days. Drummer Mats Westin was on its 16th anniversary on 28/9 in the year of grace 1979 grapevine aware that he was a member of a punk band called Caligula's Barn! Guitarists Magnus Kollberg and Eric Levander had already switched to the Swedish punk and plank Ebba Forsberg and already honed the concept of Caligula's Barn. An early draft of "Stick To The Soviets" was reworked to be acquired but the first song, with Mats on the drums, "Blood In The beard" as straight irony total of anywhere from dictators to scientists. The group's major milestone was the fourth gig at The words house 12/9-80 when it recently reached Umeå and managed to lift themselves together, gameplay. The whole thing has been preserved in a good audience recording. A typical gig where the Ramones, Clash, Ebba Grön and selection of Swedish bands such as The Baiters and attacks are mixed with many originals. sixteen songs cleared in forty-five minutes. But it did not pay Caligula Barn a milestone on his record. New new wave and the influences should have worked, but was scuttled by a nice "production." The single became a little punk, but fortunately did tape is heated to several ropes. The band was characterized by energy - perhaps more fun than aggression - and a measure of humor, for example: the slogans "total dots with scratching" and "pop with speed stripes". Opinions on the CB was really polarized between "the worst band you've heard" to "impressive vocal harmonies." Immediately in 1982 transformed the band to El-Alamein, with more pronounced new wave sound and a minor emphasized pop rock. 1984 converted it to The Trap, which popinfluenser of vintage/retro character was heard more than in previous projects.

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

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