Wednesday, 16 December 2015

VACUM - Osäker EP 1979 + Maskerad EP 1980

This band is a real phenomenon. Their debut album is already a classic but their first two 7inches beat this. Formed in Sundsvall they had their first vinyl release, I think, on the Sundsvallspunk EP and the other recordings were used for the Osäker EP (better known as simply titled EP), and the six songs on this are amazing, they sound very fresh, not rehearsed, as if the boys just played it off and finished. And this unconcern makes Vacum very simpatico. Released on the cult label Massproduktion in an edition of 500 copies. Their second EP (800 copies) with three songs is also strong and full of magic, truly sparkling and refreshing. With the release of Rädd För Tystnaden they changed their style a bit but the songs still good and grooves in every way. Vacum made with these both records certainly one of the catchiest goodies from Sweden.

- Many Thanx to Fredrik -

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