Friday, 18 December 2015

V/A - Paths Of Pain To Jewels Of Glory 1983

This was a request by myself and first I search the www and found it on stripedsunlight blog but unfortunately is no activity there so I have strewed an email to my friends and was prompt answered. I think this is the first compilation on Phantom Records and it's full with pretty songs, most of them were released as 7Inches, a few unreleased. Pleasant bandwidth between Alternative & Punk with little outages. Check ABC for more detailed info. Coz the record has been requested by many of you so I think a re-post here is not harmful. B.t.w. nice artwork. What remains: once again another fine piece of vinyl from down under - ENJOY!

1.Love To Rule - SUNNYBOYS
3.Girlfriend's Boyfriend - THE PASSENGERS
4.Seein' Double - SHY IMPOSTORS
5.When Night Comes In - SHY IMPOSTORS
6.Cool In The Tube - SURFSIDE 6
8.It's Just That I Miss You - FLAMING HANDS
9.Seek & Find - FLAMING HANDS
10.Average Inadequacy - MACHINATIONS
11.Shake, Jump & Shout - THE COCKROACHES
12.Take Me Away - THE KELPIES
13.Leilani - LE HOODOO GURUS
14.Ten Years On - THE DAGOES

- Big Thx to François -

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