Saturday, 26 December 2015

V/A - Let's Get Pissed - It's Christmas 1984

Solid compilation on Cult Records, 1000 copies with no American bands. A final worthy contribution to Christmas 2015. Strictly speaking I wanted nothing to post on these holidays but the music is very good, the record rare and it's freshly arrived and today is the last holiday therefore it's okay. Tonight the hardcore legends from Raw Power visit Hanau and maybe I'm going there. So far so good, enjoy the rest of the evening and have yourself a drink!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

1.Coming Back - BRISTLES
2.Hate The Law - RIOT SQUAD
3.Can't Afford To Fall - DRONGOS FOR EUROPE
4.Silent Minority - OI POLLOI
5.City And Stars - TERVEET KÄDET
6.Man Of His Own - EXISTENZ
7.Forced Values - CRUDE SS
8.Robots - PARANOIA
9.Outsider - TERVEET KÄDET
11.Boot Down The Doors - OI POLLOI
12.Sick Pleasure - CRUDE SS
13.Lonely - BRISTLES
14.Hidden Fear - RIOT SQUAD
15.Good Time - EXISTENZ

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  1. genau richtig zu dieser Zeit dieses Album.
    Danke, Bernd!