Saturday, 19 December 2015


Three years ago we both were at a concert from the famous Belfast band Stiff Little Fingers and I can tell you folks, their show was fuckin' amazing. They had five gigs in Germany and they called their tour "Up A Gear" and I was surprised that they stop here in Frankfurt because usually only the four largest cities are blessed with great bands like SLF. So me & my girl of course must to be there. And I was not disappointed. The band shine with astonishing enthusiasm and all classics were played and the audience was enthusiastic and wild Pogo was there, not much but still. I would say the average age of us was the band's same and you know what this means. Egal, I shot a little video but this file is soooo fuckin' big and I can't post it. I must find a programm to convert and when I got it then I post it someday. If you should be interest leave a comment. Reasons enough to post an album and I decided myself for their third album which I like a lot and shows my gratitude to Stiff Little Fingers for all the good music and a memorable evening. Cheers!!


  1. Roots, Radicals, Rockers And Reggae ist mein absoluter favorit der band. ausser johnny was natürlich.

  2. Yes, an old favorite of mine that for some reason visited Minneapolis so I could finally see them around time of "Bass and Drums" tour and an old girlfriend was there with friends! We were arm in arm drunk up front and Jake finally knew who I was. Here is a player that the retail store Best Buy shows customers for free always when they buy a computer like I did long ago--it converts video types:
    Good Luck then old Friend, Viacom

    1. also an acute evening my friend, SLF are always worth live...thx for the link Via, I have another one called 'Format Factory' and this converts almost everything.
      I must only make it but i'm too lazy at the moment.

      Happy X-Mas for you :))