Wednesday, 25 November 2015

V/A - Killed By Death #2 1989

From my former Blog one more compilation of tracks from extremely rare punk records (1977-1982). First pressing was limited to 700 copies and pressed on black vinyl with yellow and black labels. Killed By Death, a series of bootleg compilations showcasing some of the rarest punk rock to date, keeps this tradition alive. KBD wasn't the only compilation series to take on limited-run and out of print punk, but it had the greatest impact, and continues to be produced today. There's a mostly secret and sordid history behind these compilations; many were produced illegally, and as such, lack contact information. With a very few clues, I set out to explore this bizarre world of "grey-market" punk rock releases. So here comes Volume 2 and a truly great record. One great song after another. If you had to get just one Killed By Death record, you can really take almost every record in my opinion. A classic in far too many ways to even take a stab at here. Still one of the best comps ever. Reissue on red vinyl, same tracks as the original. So KBD never grew out of being KBD, and I will never grow out of listening to it.

1.Bummer Bitch - FREESTONE
2.I Hate Tourists - THE FREEZE
3.Son Of Sam - CHAIN GANG
4.Disgusting - THE MAD
5.True Life - MACHINES
6.The Loser - VAINS
7.So Long To The Sixties - S'NOTS
8.Absolute Ruler - THE RUDE KIDS
10.Dead Rock & Rollers - DETENTION
11.Communist Radio - THE EAT
12.Blues - CHEIFS
13.Gacy's Place - MENTALLY ILL
14.Crowd Control - REALLY RED
15.Horizontal Action - PSYCHO SURGEONS
16.Don't Worry Kyoko Mommy's Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow - CHILD MOLESTERS

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