Thursday, 19 November 2015

APA - Häftig Bil EP 1987

Another unknown band from Sweden and I'm always amazed how many bands were active at this time, good for us today! Apa (Apologistskolans Punk Angsambel) started in 1979 and founded at the Tessin School Gymnasium in Nyköping by Carl (vox), Peter (guitar), Fredrik (drums) and Stefan (bass). They were a pure cover band and exercised all the classics of the Sex Pistols and Iggy Pop and have them in their live repertoire. But soon began write own songs. The newly founded record label Studio Otukt became aware of Apa and they released two 7Inches. Häftig Bil is their first record with four goodies and I wish, I could understand what they singing. I guess the lyrics are very ironic, how else can I 'Dr Mengele' with Sieg Heil bawling indicate? Egal, overall impression is positive and I like polarizing stuff.

- Great Thx again to Fredrik -