Wednesday, 23 September 2015

THE LICKS - 1970's EP 1979

Formed in 1978 in Bishop Stortford the band decided to call themselves The Epileptics following a suggestion from one of their mothers. In August 1978 Crass played in Bishop Stortford and a long lasting friendship was established. Complaints of ‘ill-conceited jocularity’ from The British Epilepsy Association resulted in a name change to Epi-x, then changed to The Licks under pressure from Stortbeat who in 1979 released the band’s debut single, much played by John Peel. The band changed their name back to The Epileptics, more releases followed, then in early 1980 the nucleus of The Epileptics re-emerged as Flux Of Pink Indians. In 1981 the record was again released with the same songs but a bit faster and rougher, listen - Repressed in 2015 on Overground Records in an edition of 500 pieces - Nice one!

- Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Both versions of "Hong Kong are cool"

  2. A top favorite band of mine...heard 'Tube Disasters' when it came out, perhaps we are hitting the goals now but more to go I know. I also like the Epileptiks that did a split CD with Ian MacKaye's brother Alex in Faith

  3. I like this one, too.
    I was wondering if you can supply the following compilations:

    Smash the state vol.2 and vol.3

  4. Dear WDM,
    I have been able to locate both.
    I even expanded vol.3 enclosing two missing sides.
    If you feel like it, you can use the link and bring it to the public attention.
    Here it is:

    1. Hey CFM, first thx for your support. Vol 2 is my own rip and I post it in October with Shakedown! and other V/A stuff. Vol.3 was sent by François so I have this one too. - Gotta check both! Later! :))