Thursday, 17 September 2015

BELLA BELLA - Telefon 7'' 1982

Another collaboration from unforgotten multitalent Fredi Fender (Mordbuben AG), here as singer of Bella Bella (formed 1982, disbanded 1983) and this is their only record, released on WEA Records, with two nice poppy Wave songs. The title song is about learnin' another person via the phone and the voice is pleasant and you go ahead with stimulating conversation and in the end you come together and you just fall in love (or not). Surely I know such a situation like this and it could be happen every day. So be attentively, perhaps this can be the love of your life. The b-side is a cropped instrumental version. Nice & not Sleazy!

- Special Thx to Reinhard -

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  1. Love the WEA records (now trucking company I think as I have some of their moving boxes). Will have to research them ...Prost and thanks once again you WILD MAN!