Sunday, 8 March 2015

V/A - Killed By Trash 2006

Good morning revered community and welcome to a new round of "Music that nobody wants but still exist". Next one is a nice idea I think and it takes a long time to put all this stuff togehter but in the end it was worth the effort and stress to bring this among the people - P.Trash Records released this brilliant record with twenty of todays finest Low-Fi-, Garage- and Blues-Punkbands which cover old and rare Punkrock jewels, most of the originals can be found on the awesome Killed By Death blog ot here. Every song is amazing and you get thrilled by these versions. No wonder the album was sold out quickly and a second volume should follow two years after. Particular note: 380gr. vinyl and detailed info inside. Hell Yeah!!!!!

1.I Hate Music - JEFFREY NOVAK
2.Hillside Strangler - TRASH STRANGLERS
3.Rome Is Burning - THE ULCERS
4.America First - FEELERS
5.Cab Driver - ROYAL ROUTES
6.Don't Hide Your Hate - CARBONAS
7.Do You Love The Nazis - FLYING OVER
8.51 Percent - FREAKS
10.Egg Raid On Mojo - DAMNATION KIDS
11.Züri Brennt! - EA80
12.(I'm The) Hillside Strangler - DEMON'S CLAWS
13.Radiation Masturbation - MANIKINS
14.Just Head - LOS RAW GOSPELS
15.Pop Gun - TYRADES
16.Son Of Sam - BLACK TIME
17.Jag Ska Aldrig Dö - HEARTATTACKS
19.Better Off Dead - DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS
20.Pogo In Togo - OPERATION S