Thursday, 5 March 2015

PVC - Sykebil 7'' 1980

Started out as a punk band from Oslo/Norway which was active in the early 1980's. The band consisted of Rune Martinsen (bass), Jørn Loe (guitar), Hans Christian Andersen (drums), Nils Petter Jensen (guitar) and Svein Dahl (vox). Their debut 7'' Sykebil on Plæstik Records was basically almost the joke to expect - the group had one song in their repertoire, the second they made in the studio. None the less - the circulation of 500 items went out before the year was over. In autumn came the next 7-inch "Galehus" and their lyrics here are quite critical about church and advertising. Here with Bitten Forsudd on vox. The following year came the first of the band's two mini-LP "Emile Berliner" and if anyone has this album then sent it quickly please. After this they had some major line up changes and became more electronic new wave/post punk. PVC's last sign of life came in form of their final 7-inch called "Who's That Man" at the end of 1982. So here'e their debut record + the Galehus 7''. A total of four run-down KBD Smasher and the right sound to salut the coming weekend.

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