Friday, 13 February 2015

V/A - Pultti EP 1982

This little juwel was a self-released one and discogs says Pultti was a fanzine made by Pexi, the singer of Maho Neitsyt and probably 118 copies were pressed but I'm not sure. Fact is this one is a very rare one and the music here is all quite good. Starts with the classic Appendix from Pori and I think you know them well because they had two albums released in the 80s, nice mid-tempo punk at its finest. Maho Neitsyt from Kuusankoski with a short dirty goodie, always nice this pinched voice. They released a lot of 7inches through the 80s and essential is a compilation called "Näinkö Viina Vaikuttaa?" with all their recordings, it's sure a bootleg, don't know when this came out. From Etuala exists only this song here, maybe it's a side-project from some of this band here, no idea, sure the song kicks enormous. Behind Antikeho stuck no other than the Bastards, the hardcore kings, everyone knows. More Antikeho you can find on the great "Russia Bombs Finland" compilation on Propaganda Records. Nato is another unknown band, maybe from Helsinki and here with the longest track, 3 minutes. Cool Punk'N'Roll sound with snotty guitars and a fine solo. They're ditto on the "Russia" comp. and a few other bootlegs. Appendix close this record with a Killer one. Resume: Successful record, no failure, nice artwork, Pogo guaranteed!

1.Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa - APPENDIX
2.Ne Ei Myyneet Mulle Viinaa - MAHO NEITSYT
3.Päästä Vetää - ETUALA
5.Isänmaa Vituttaa - NATO
6.Kytän Unelma - APPENDIX

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