Sunday, 8 February 2015

TOO MUCH - Kick Me One More Time EP 1979

This superb and fuckin' rare EP was released in a gatefold sleeve on Lightning Recods and it's the last record by this great combo from the UK. Their first one "Who You Wanna Be" from 1978 is a killer too. First, this is not my rip and I'm not satisfied with the finish but who cares? - Too Much were John (vox), Russ (guitar), Dick (bass) and Dave (drums) and they play a fine melodic early punk sound, jajaja, cool KBD style but the bands not present on any of this legendary collection! Why? no idea...I would change this immediately but I'm a loser. Well, all three songs are damn good and now I'm movin' into my bed and search my heart.


  1. Can you post the first single when you get a chance ? I've never heard the B side of it.

    1. me too. I will ask my friends if they have this record.