Saturday, 14 February 2015

THE SUSSED - Don't Swim On The East Coast 7'' 1981

Excellent PowerPop/Punk record and their only release, meanwhile a classic and nowhere present on a compilation. The Sussed were a seminal Irish Punk/New Wave band based in Dublin, Ireland between 1979 & 1984. Members were Rory (vox), Paul (guitars), John (drums) and The Masked Bassman (bass). They shot to fame with the release of their debut single "Don't Swim On The East Coast" in 1981 (First pressing of 500 copies in red sleeve, 2nd pressing of 500 copies in yellow sleeve) which was about the English Nuclear plant Windscale that was leaking radioactive material into the Irish sea (Windscale later changed its name to Sellafield as Windscale had such a bad reputation). The single went to number 3 in the charts despite some radio stations not playing it because of its lyrics.

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