Thursday, 5 February 2015

GORILLA ANGREB - @ WFMU Radio 14.03.06

Gorilla Angreb was a punk band from Copenhagen, Denmark, stripped down to dueling male and female voices and hit-hard instruments. 12 Songs contains this amazing bootleg of catchy, whip-cracking punk rock. Gorilla Angreb exist from 1999 - 2007. Unfortunately, far too short in my opinion. Catch this unique document in an amazing sound quality. Get the full Gorilla Angreb Discography on DU. Big fat thanks to the ripper of this nice one.

Astma/Mit Lille Sorte Æg/Sort Hvid Kærlighed/Jeg Går Ikke I Sort/Timen Er Kommet/Der Skal Drikkes Mere End Før/Soldat Til Leje/Bedre Tider/MS Tampa/De Kommer Ud Om Natten/Cigaretter Og Kaffe/På Patrulje


  1. owww this is one of the shittiest covers ive done,
    should fix it,logo looks horrible...
    ill make a nice tape with the ultrahuset gig also on it,pretty damn good sound quality too!

    1. This is all yours??? Don't know when I download this awesome boot. But Hey!, the cover is cool, dont worry. It's great to have a cover at all Dan.
      Nice Work!!

  2. heres the fixed version,looks nicer ;-)


  3. 10 copies on a pro printed/duplicated tape soon!,just for fun, official release with both gigs, ill send you a copy when done!