Friday, 30 January 2015

X-MAS EVE - Paint It Red EP 1982

Back with this little killer, it was self-released by the band and on it four early classic punk tunes. The band were from El Sobrante, California and this is their only record. When I search the net for info then I read usually the word 'ArtPunk', so their music is described as this but what is 'Artpunk'? No idea what this means. Here a four awesome crackers which can include without resorting to any KBD sampler. They're dirty, rough and wild. Okay, the last one has a new wave minimalistic sound but hey! this is still punkrock. I mean, are Minutemen ArtPunk???? Maybe someone would have to explain me what this word means. Until then, I listen carefully to the three men from the East Bay Area and look forward to the upcoming bank holidays.

- Special Thanx to TONY -

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