Thursday, 22 January 2015

V/A - Killed By Death #3 1989

Oopss, I opened up the second beer now and holy shit it tastes good again, especially early in the morning, life's a fuckin' bitch (rülps). So now welcome to the wonderful world of punk rock dear followers. Yet another mindboggling of rare '70/'80s obnoxicusness is now to be prevailing on your turntable, sending the sound of righteousnoss out of the speakers and into your heart. And an all star cast is it. A decent follow-up to the amazing #2. A classic in far too many ways to even take a stab at here. Some great tracks and the rest worthwhile, except the John Berenzy track which is unnecessary. First pressing (700 copies) on black vinyl with yellow and black labels. Reissue is on blue vinyl and has the same songs as the original. Fuck!, this is an further awesome release which shows how great the early punk scene worldwide was. All scans include, more words...not really.

1.Kill Yourself - THE LEWD
2.51 Percent - DEFNICS
3.Salted City - 84 FLESH
4.Mindless Contentment - THE PLUGZ
5.Doctor TV - THE EAT
6.Kneecappin' - THE EAT
7.This Generation Is On Vacation - SHOCK
8.Television Sect - SODS
9.I Was There At The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - AMBIENT NOISE
10.I Don't Wanna Work - THE QUEERS
11.I'm Useless - THE QUEERS
12.At The Mall - THE QUEERS
13.Oh I Love This Weather - EBENEZER & THE BLUDGEONS
14.Headliner - NY NIGGERS
16.NY Ripper - VIOLATORS

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