Monday, January 26, 2015

TT GARDEROB 100 - Mitt Liv 7'' 1979

A real awesome record is the only 7inch by this short-lived from Gothenburg: Göran Lindahl (vox), Anders Puke (guitar & vox), Hasse Morgan (bass & vox), Tomas "Flash" Forsberg (guitar & vox) and Staffan Lindahl (drums). Two classic kbd smasher here and certainly one of the best Swedish Punk record of the late 70s. I can listen to 10 times in a row and the plate does not lose meters of soil. Really catchy and well played, TOP!!! There's a nice story about the band name in Peter's Encyclopedia Of Swedish Punk and I can't recommend enough to buy this book. The band finlly broke up in 1980, Anders played for a while with Troublemakers. The title track was used for the superb GBG Punk 77-80 compilation on Nonstop Records in 1986.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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