Saturday, 31 January 2015

MORDBUBEN AG - Bleib Blöd 7'' 1979

Last post for this month and first and foremost I would like you to recommend a new blog called Austrian Underground and let's visit Thomas, say Hallo :)) and join more rare Austrian punk music. So, this early Austrian punk band has been formed in Vienna 1978 and was with the imprisonment of bandleader Fredi Fender a little thrown off course and with multiple interruptions and changing occupations they existed until 1983. As far as I know, the band released a 7'' and one album called 'Angst Vorm Rock'n Roll?' and some sampler contributions. The Mordbuben AG stands for the Viennese dialect sung snotty punk rock songs. Here on it the legendary Beatles cover version plus the aggressive 'Bleib' Blöd'. Both songs are just quite brilliant. Due to the unexpected death of the Mordbuben AG band leader Fredi Fender in April 2010 there was in his memory and for his 60th birthday a memorial concert given in Vienna on 28. May 2010. I think it was very special. - Enjoy this historic little piece of early Vienna KBD stuff.

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  1. Hey WDM,
    thanks for sharing this fine single.
    There is another full-length, a live recording with the terrific title "San mir vielleicht de, de de Ärgeren san???" [sic!,]. It was released in 1987 on double vinyl by Weltmusik. Anyone got it? Reini?!
    Keep it up!