Saturday, 17 January 2015

JACK RABBIT BAND - The Sprayer EP 1980

Early Swiss Wave/Punk from this Zurich based punk quartet, featuring former LIARS drummer Peter Berger, with their great debut which was recorded in August of 1979 in London at Rockstar Studios. Three songs here, the first two cuts are more pop/wave oriented while with 'Revenge' is a catchy punk riff in a nice KBD dress on it (no wonder that song made it on the Killed By Death #41 compilation). In 1981 they released another single called "Balla Balla" on EMI but I never heard it. Presumably they have lost their punk roots on this record because we all know how EMI defined punk, haha... Peter Berger released a highly recommended single ('My Sex Is Bad/PsychoTerror') in 1979 on Musik-Project as well.

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