Tuesday, December 16, 2014

V/A - There Is No Reason To Be Happy EP 1989

A pretty gem of sophisticated punkrock music from Europe is this little piece of plastic. I purchased this EP at a concert in Hamburg, a local club named 'Marquee' anno 1989 and I think I did it because of the cool cover, the bands at that time told me nothing. And sometimes that's not a bad reason. 4 bands/6 songs and all of them small works of art. Very impressive are the Yugoslavian parts, three short & aggressive firecrackers with a singer who has made the right decision for himself. This is a punkrock voice and I can not imagine him as a seller of shoes, hahaha...but also convince the other bands here with their songs. A small varied piece of 100% punkrock which hits the nail on the head, 500 copies on Artcore Records.

1.My Life - W.D.M.
2.Sto Stopnic - 3.KATEGORIJA
3.Brŝljan - 3.KATEGORIJA
4.Alkoholna - 3.KATEGORIJA
5.Differences - MARTIAL LAW
6.Fuggi Fuggi - I REFUSE IT

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