Friday, 19 December 2014

SERENE FALL - Rares & Demos 1994-2008

Since I find no sleep again so I gladden you now with a special cream pie for all my true followers (or not), dark punkrockers and all the other revelers in Europe. All the pieces here are 90% unpublished (in these versions) because there are rehearsal recordings, outtakes, demos or songs that can't be found on their website. Lovingly compiled by me and my special thanks go to Maul, singer (EA80 guitar) who sent me these rare cuts and make this compilation possible. After more than ten years ago their third CD is out and we can be grateful that Serene Fall go ahead because several reshuffles forced the band almost to the final resolution. But now they're back and the new album is quite brilliant and brings us with their melancholy mood through the winter and Maul's expressive voice gives every song a special touch, download is a must! And if you don't know the music here's my invitation.

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