Monday, 22 December 2014

REKLAMATION - Namnlös EP 1980

Just visit Sweden and encounter this rare & amazing KBD punk record which was ca. 500 times pressed. Founded in Stockholm as a four piece combo and this is their only release but it proves once again that Sweden had at that time an intact punk scene. All four songs kicks every fat ass and you're a fool to ignore them. Dirty catchy guitars without exception at cyberspeed as I like it. Info about the band I cannot find but who give's a shit, the music here is fuckin' great and all members are millionares today. They feauterd on these both compiltions Varning För Punk & Killed By Death #51. Reklamation? Yeah, a must have!!!

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -


  1. Not from Stockholm but from the tiny village Hjo.
    Glad to see you're back and posting again.

    1. thx Martin. Hjo near Stockholm ;)