Sunday, December 14, 2014

DUESENJAEGER - Las Palmas O.K. 2004

Well, hard days now and it's good to go out and join a concert. Yesterday and today are Turbostaat in town and last evening Duesenjaeger were opener and it is sometimes nice when I see a band which is great and I not hear them long ago. The band was founded 1999 and after two nice EP's their debut album saw the light of day in 2004 on GoKart Records. "E minor, melancholic, impulsive and angry. German punk, punk rock with German lyrics", so the band describes their sound in a few words, and that's enough. More albums followed until 2008, then Duesenjaeger was history. 

End of 2010 they receive an invitation and play a concert. "It itched us again in the fingers". Quick their own label Grabeland Schallfolien was born and new songs were recorded, released and live presented (what they have clearly demonstrated yesterday)...and that's a good thing! Jungs, weiter so - Danke!

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