Friday, 26 December 2014

DOG DETACHMENT - Machines 7'' 1982

A band which I never heard before is Dog Detachment and they were a new wave/punkrock band formed by the Armstrong brothers in Johannesburg in 1980, first playing under the name "Dog". They played a subversively independent, high pressure brand of rock that they themselves referred to as "Stormtrooper Pop". Their first album, "The Last Laugh" was completed in 1983 and it's a fuckin' blast. They unleashed the title track upon an unsuspecting media, and blew the public away. They released three albums and singles and this here is their 2nd release with two awesome tracks. In 2001 RetroFresh released a Compilation CD called 'Best Kept Secrets' an overview from their three albums with rare tracks added. The best of a band that did not believe in compromise. Very interesting band that you would like to hear more.

- Huge Thanks to Fredrik -


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