Saturday, 11 October 2014

V/A - Killed By Death #33 1998

Next round from the Redrum Records factory, 500 copies were pressed and the detectives did again a great job and put here 16 rare Killed By Death classics from punk bands around the world on this further essential compilation. The song selection is once again brilliant for my ears and there's no filler on it. Especially cool are the tracks from Soldiers Of Fortune, Victim, Charge and the finnish group Cadillac. The only drawback is this shitty cover. If you wonder about the colorful cover then just think is this a limited version?, may I give you an answer, hehe.... enjoy!

1.State Controlled Paranoia - BRIGADES
2.American Dream - SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE
3.Record Company - GANGSTERS
4.The Teen Age - VICTIM
5.Spiderman - GRINDER
6.Heute Abend - CADILLAC
7.Nazi Love - BILLY WIZARD
8.Born Yesterday - RUNNING DOGS
9.Agent Orange - X-DEFEKTORS
10.AI1 - REBEL
11.Squad Leader - DICKHEADS
12.Kuljen Kaupungilla - NIRVANA
13.Russian Spy - VULTURES
14.East Sheen - O-LEVEL
15.No Claim With Bluff & Swindle - RUDOLPH DIETRICH
16.Kings Cross - CHARGE

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