Wednesday, 8 October 2014

V/A - København I Ruiner 2x7'' 2003

Here's a brilliant review about this awesome double 7'' compilation from systemphobia and I like to use these words because it describes the music here perfect and I agree with that. "If you consider yourself a punk you should have the following record. Kick 'n Punch isn't just another label, it released of the best records of the early 21st century and managed to put Denmark firmly back on the punk map. This double EP gives a nice cross section of what bands the label has signed throughout the years: Amdi Petersen Armé, the almighty Gorilla Angreb, Uro, No Hope For The Kids, Asbest, Paragraph 119 to name a few. Most stuff is straight forward punk/hardcore that brings back to mind the glorious days of the euro punk scene. Sadly the label is no longer around but one of the guys who ran the label continued as Hjernespind Records. They release awesome stuff, check 'm out." So now I can only urge you to download this essential stuff.

1.The Howling - SNIPERS
2.Truslen Fra Det Ydre Rum - AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ
3.Tofrontskrig - PARAGRAF 119
4.Sieg Halleluja - INCONTROLLADOS
5.København (Ligger I Ruiner) - GORILLA ANGREB
6.Soldat Til Leje - GORILLA ANGREB
7.I Dag Dør Staten - URO
8.Cementrytter - LOKUM
10.Ingen Facader - AKTIV DÖDSHJÆLP
11.Forventninger - AKTIV DÖDSHJÆLP
12.Stained Circle - YOUNG WASTENERS
13.Angels Of Destruction - NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS
14.Krig - SLAVE
15.Nazi-Polizei - SLAVE
16.Dødskontrol - ASBEST
17.Spil Død - ASBEST

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