Saturday, 25 October 2014

V/A - Bloodstains Across The World 1999

Amazing assortment of rare stuff from around the world on this Bloodstains compilation and it is truly remarkable where all finest punk rock was celebrated. When the songs have been recorded no one takes care and the bands disappeared quickly in the vast ocean and today their 7inches are highly sought and fuckin' costly. Crazy World or ???? Anyway, without www and music junkies around the world we never came in touch with those goodies. This record proves that. The only deficit here: The covers are cheap photocopied foldovers and no info sheet enclosed. Well fuck it, the music is excellent.

1.Watchers Of Time - DEEP SIX
2.The Rebellion Of The Dwarfs - FRÆBBBLARNIR
3.Disco Fever - MONROE
4.Verta Rakastava Nainen - TIPI & MINISTERIT
5.Paranoia - F.D.S.
6.Trop Belle - MR.HYDE
7.Anarchy In The UK - DRAGONS
8.Who Killed Johnny - THE JOHNNIES
9.Hello New Punks - THE STAR CLUB
10.Shut Your Mouth - JOHNNY DEMON & THE DEVILS
11.Security System - RIOT SQUAD
12.Insanity - THE BUZZ
13.Sykebil - PVC
14.Jung Kaputt Spart Altersheime - BÄRCHEN & DIE MILCHBUBIS
15.Cucarachas - TNT

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