Thursday, August 07, 2014

V/A - ¡Condenados A Luchar! 1986

Released on Discos Suicidas with four different covers this is a pretty Hardcore/Punk/Oi! compilation. Danba opens the music palette with pretty cool Ska/Oi!/Punk rock and the first song they stole the riff from Slime's "Deutschland" but the rest is quite cool, Bap! continues with nice hardcore sound, all four songs going on to fuck your brain out, no time to fill your head with sad memories, troubles or other confused shit. The two Ultimatum songs are the ones that I knew from a tape which recorded a Spanish friend of mine for me back in the 80's. Both cuts simply brilliant and are a must for any mix-tape. M.C.D. kicks with excellent '77 punk and start with a classic, "Steppin' Stone', everyone knows, in Spanish as well and the rest two numbers shine with sing-alongs and with 'No Mas Punkies Mugertos' (the Spanish hymn per se) they make the way clear for Prokeria T, total unkonwn band for me but they smash with two more '77 punk numbers my speakers and finally Zer Bizio? complete with their classic Oi! sound (with sax!) this wonderful album. So use your chance and choose this compilation for your daily fight!

1.Sucio Progreso - DANBA
2.Sin Un Puto Duro - DANBA
3.Somos Presos - DANBA
4.Plastikosko Jonariak - BAP!!
5.Tortura No!! - BAP!!
6.Euskal Polizia - BAP!!
7.Palabras De Engaño - BAP!!
8.Ciudadano Anormal - ULTIMATUM
9.Sacrilegio - ULTIMATUM
10.No Hay Libertad De Expresion - M.C.D.
11.Skuaters - M.C.D.
12.No Mas Punkies Muertos - M.C.D.
13.Vivo Bebido - PORKERIA T
14.Er Paseiyo - PORKERIA T
15.Oi! Oi! Oi! - ZER BIZIO?
16.Joder Que Bien - ZER BIZIO?


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