Sunday, August 10, 2014

CHECKMATE - Only Fools Pretend To Be Happy 7'' 1979

Slowly comes movement in this blog, although it's even hard but I wanna feed the blog, I call that self-healing. The only 7inch from Checkmate is a two side pearl, released on Sweet Harmony. The band from Caen/Normandie hew out of here two real earwigs. Side a is melodic brilliant mid-tempo number with nice guitars while the flip goes a bit faster and is a real stomper. I post this record because I like the title and the bandname because it reflects my current situation right again. More info about the band isn't available so you must be satisfied with this little. Anyway, the music is what counts and Checkmate have fabricated with their single a really nice record. On compilations: Back To Front Vol.2, Rare Punque Francais '77-'83 (KBD #200) and Springtime In Belsen. Not only for kbd maniacs a treat.

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