Sunday, July 13, 2014

HACKE PETERS - @ Waggon/Offenbach 04.11.2013

Hard to believe but exactly four months ago we joined our last gig together in the Waggon to see the HackePeters with the Genetiks on a cold Monday in November 2013. I never would thought that and I still can't believe it. I mean everything was fine that evening, we had fun and enjoyed ourselves splendidly. I mean, what the hell went wrong? I have no idea. I will probably never get an answer (you see it still concerns me). Coincidentally it's now the day I put this post. I have sat long at the cover and now everything is finished. Hard to find a reconciliation to the music. Hacke Peters stand for short punk songs with funny lyrics and I am glad we both have been there. You can read more info at their homepage and if you wanna get in touch use the contact data on the back cover or visit their site on facebook. Oh, and the sound quality is top as always (thanx Torstn!) and I promise you a shining example of an almost perfect unforgotten evening.

Soundcheck/HackePeters/Hessendröhnung/Irreversible Schäden/Das Einzig Wahre/Blähungen Of Death/Mit 15/Gereizt/Wer Pinkelt Da?/Die Abschaltbare Frau/Horrorskop/Fickmaschine/Der Tag An Dem Die Erde Still Stand/Als Ich Mich In Die Wanne Setzte/Böse Bube Foreffer/Heute Schenk.../Das Plädoyer/Notstand In Weiß-Blau/Der Urinator